Another Marijuana Candy Bust By the Feds: This Time, It’s a Celebrity

The federal government under President Joe Biden says that no one should go to jail for possessing marijuana, but that doesn’t stop them from putting people in jail for possessing marijuana like what happened to P. Diddy acquaintance, Brendon Paul recently.

So why does the Biden Administration talk out of both sides of their mouth on marijuana .. or maybe it’s just more of an outright lie? The proof that it is a lie is that in 2024 Biden and the TSA and his agents are willing to use laws to arrest celebrities like Paul, coordinate with Georgia cops to violate Eric Andre’s rights in Atlanta and even use their TSA agents to arrest people at airports for even less than a 1/2 ounce. This is 2024 and Biden is still lying while using Kamala Harris to hide the truth: they do believe people should go to jail, not just for selling marijuana, but even for possessing a marijuana candy.