Eric Andre Still Victim of Racist Atlanta Police Operation

You may know Eric Andre as the Jewish Haitian comic from Boca Raton Florida whose comic bits involve everything from pranking celebrities to dressing up as a Black Scientologist (a riff on the antiSemitic group, the Black Hebrew Israelites):

But did you know that Eric is the plaintiff in a case involving a gross violation of his civil rights at a major US Airport? One day while Eric was travelling in the United States he had a layover in Atlanta, Georgia. Eric spent the time in the airport peacefully and when he was ready to board, he joined the other passengers in the premier boarding group. Eric was the only person in the group with dark skin.

When Eric was in the gangway between the airport in the plane he was approached by two individuals who asked to see his identification and identified themselves as local law enforcement. Other passengers looked at Eric while he was being interrogated. Eric complied with the individuals, who asked him questions about drugs. Eventually, after several minutes of being interrogated, he was free. Eric was the only person interrogated during that flight.

Eric lost his case in District Court after it was dismissed on motion. However, his case is now being appealed to the 11th Circuit. He has received support from a host of groups on all sides of the political spectrum from the Policing Project to the Institute for Justice to the Cato Institute. One thing that stands out from the amicus and other briefs in support of Eric is how the TSA is known for racially profiling black travelers and that these Georgia gangway drug interdictions almost never lead to drugs and almost only lead to seizure of cash. Hopefully, Eric will win at the circuit court, but it’s unclear now given that the case has not yet been heard. But one thing is certain is that from the TSA to the Atlanta Police, the authorities are willing to completely ignore civil liberties in their searches for small amounts of drugs while stealing cash and with the complicity of the federal courts.