How to Get Banned from Tinder and Jdate: A Guide to the Perplexed

It’s not all that difficult to get banned from social media these days.  On some sites like Twitter, you can be a full on nazi, so long as you don’t misgender Ellen Page.  But once you cross that misgendering rubicon – boom – you are off the site and now need to get ANOTHER burner phone and fake email account just to set up a Twitter account all over again.  But how do you get banned from Tinder?  Or how about JDate?  I have some experience with both. 

As for JDate, let’s just say I am not entirely sure that I have been banned.  But my suspicion is that I am not welcome.  And how do I know this?  Because after complaining about the large number of fake profiles I was finally shown a swastika as part of the JDate recapture validation tool they use. 

Matchmaker Matchmaker, Make me a Church

None of this is kosher or halal, or acceptable at the worst food stall in Calcutta.  So I complained and complained (ok, kvetched) and then they finally said I needed to show them a driver’s license and after that they gave me a refund.  So, if you are curious, yes, JDate sucks. But what about Tinder? I promptly invested my JDate refund in a Tinder profile:

No, this is not a profile for Hermann Goering.

Now Tinder is a totally different story.  About 80% of the profiles on Tinder are a variation of a model (European or Asian) in elegant dress in a variety of poses either in a US city or city around the globe.  The profiles say very little and any untrained eye can see there is no statistical way there are 100s of beautiful Asian and European fashion models in your small town (unless, perhaps, you live in Shanghai).  Tinder appears to care very little for the number of fakes.  But what is really stupid is paying Tinder for the privilege of being able to wade through these fakes (and trans … and obese women with pictures of fish standing in front of a dirty bathroom seeking men 6’7” or taller).  It’s like finding a needle in a whorestack.

Now all this fake-y Tinder stuff has of course attracted a number of lawsuits.  From the suits alleging violation of biometric data laws to a suit in California alleging that Tinder is addictive.  If you sign up for Tinder you are forced to arbitrate and/or submit to Small Claims Court, but lawyers have found a way around that (at least, at this part in the proceedings).

However, if you post on your profile links to the lawsuits and the press releases about the lawsuits, yes, Tinder will ban you. 

Wookin’ Pa Nub and Litigation At the Same Time is Not a Good Mix

But – a bonus – if you threaten to take them to small claims court, it seems that they will give you your money back.  It’s not worth suing them for some of us, but they do enough damage to society with their fake profiles, allegedly addictive structure, violation of privacy rules and worse, it’s time to consider Tinder as harmful as TikTok.