Israel, Good At Math and Science, But Really Sucks At Genocide

You may hear a lot about “Genocide” these days. Its gotten so bad that performance artist progressives like AOC can’t even go for a date with her beau without being accosted by Hamas apologists:

The term genocide that get’s bandied about by so called “progressives” and more often, hard leftists and communists, is what happens in a war in a civilian area. It’s what Hamas wanted by taking hostages. When you consider what Israel is doing on the ground in Gaza, it’s no different than many other wars in civilian areas. What makes this war different is that about 97% of the civilians in Gaza are deeply antiSemitic and by some accounts are complicit in aiding Hamas in holding and securing the hostages, which necessitated the ground war in the civilian area. Here is one chart sourced from the net showing that during the Israeli “occupation” of Gaza, the population has grown 5 times:

When you consider not only the historical use of the term “genocide” and contrast it to actual genocides, you see that what the pro-Hamas activists are doing is essentially discounting other genocides. For example, Turkey which openly supports Hamas, refuses to admit it’s role in the Armenian Genocide. Radical Islamic nations tend to watch each other’s backs. This should not only anger supporters of Israel but also anyone who has lost a relative or loved one in a real genocide whether it be Cambodia, Rwanda or the Holocaust. What’s next for the Progressives: the will claim that killing Waffen SS at the end of WW2 was a genocide and ask for “reparations.”