Mitt Romney’s Dog Seamus Lucky Not to Know Kristy Noem

When Mitt Romney ran for President there was a story about a family trip he took with his dog Seamus. During the trip, for some reason, Romney tied his dog to the roof of the car. In most states, this is animal cruelty and probably would disqualify someone from Federal Office but in America, it seems that hurting dogs is something that is a mainstream trend in the GOP. Why?

Meet Kristy Noem, the current South Dakota Governor who killed not only a family dog named Cricket because she didn’t like it’s behavior, but she also killed a goat. And not “killed” in some humane way with incense and peppermints and a reading of the Bhagavad Gita beforehand by an indigenous Drag Queen. No, she straight up executed the dog and goat like Tony Montana in Scarface. Here’s a link to the article discussing the dog killing and goat killing.